Rheology in different operation modes by using 2 rotational drives

MCR 702, the high-end rheometer from Anton Paar, is equipped with two drives, one in the head and one in the base of the instrument. These two rotational EC-drive units enable measurements in the combined motor transducer (CMT) mode, the separate motor transducer (SMT) mode, and the counter-movement mode. This instrument is mainly used for highly sophisticated rheological measurements. While SMT enables users to perform classic stress-controlled tests and to detect instant data points for short-term relaxation tests, the counter-movement is mainly used to create a stagnation plane while using a microscope combined with the rheometer and to extend the rotational speed and deformation. Furthermore, MCR 702 can be equipped with a lower linear drive to transform the device into a dynamic mechanical analyzer for DMA and more.

Watch this 10-minute course to learn more about different operation modes using two rotational drives.

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