Viscosity of Hydrofluoric Acid 48%


Hydrofluoric acid is a solution of hydrogen fluoride in water with the molecular formula HF. It is a precursor to almost all fluorine compounds, including pharmaceuticals such as fluoxetine (Prozac), diverse materials such as PTFE (Teflon), and elemental fluorine itself.

It is a colorless solution that is highly corrosive, capable of dissolving many materials, especially oxides. Its well-known ability to dissolve glass has already been known since the 17th century. Hydrogen fluoride gas is an acute poison that may immediately and permanently damage lungs and the corneas of the eyes. Aqueous hydrofluoric acid is a contact poison with the potential for deep, initially painless burns and ensuing tissue death.

Viscosity Table – Measurement data

Temp. [°C] Dyn. Viscosity [mPa.s] Density [g/cm³]
5 1.2630
10 1.1590
15 1.0630
20 0.9810 1.17
25 0.9080
30 0.8440
35 0.7880
40 0.7320 1.148
45 0.6830
50 0.6410  

Hydrofluoric acid 48% - dynamic viscosity and density over temperature



Lovis 2000 M, Safety Data Sheet HF


Reference Lovis 2000 M, Safety Data Sheet HF
Kin. vis. no
Dyn. vis. yes
Density yes
Multiple temperatures yes
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