Viscosity of Acetaldehyde


Acetaldehyde (systematic name: ethanal) is an organic chemical compound with the formula CH3CHO, sometimes abbreviated by chemists as MeCHO (Me=methyl). It is one of the most important aldehydes, occuring widely in nature and being produced on a large scale in industry.

Acetaldehyde occurs naturally in coffee, bread, and ripe fruit, and is produced by plants. It is also produced by the partial oxidation of ethanol and may be a contributing factor to hangovers from alcohol consumption, produced in the liver by the enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase.

Acetaldehyde is mainly used as a precursor to acetic acid. Acetaldehyde is also an important precursor to pyridine derivates. Nevertheless, the global market for acetaldehyde is declining. Acetaldehyde is toxic when applied externally for prolonged periods, an irritant and a probable carcinogen.

Viscosity Table – Measurement data

Temp. [°C] Dyn. Viscosity [mPa.s; cP] Density [g/cm3]
20 0.295 0.788
30 0.275 0.748


Engineers Edge


Reference Engineers Edge
Kin. vis. no
Dyn. vis. yes
Density yes
Multiple temperatures yes
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