Viscosity of Crude Oil

Description and Classification Overview

Crude oil is a complex mixture of various components. Depending on its geographic origin, its chemical composition and consistency vary. The different types of crude oil need to be classified for further treatment. Both a crude oil's viscosity and its API (American Petroleum Institute) degree are important parameters for classification. Crude oil's viscosity can vary from a low-viscosity liquid to up to tar-like, nearly solid form.

Classification according to the API degree:

  • Light crude oil: API gravity higher than 31.1 °API (less than 870 kg/m³)
  • Medium crude oil: API gravity from 31.1 °API to 22.3 °API (870 to 920 kg/m³)
  • Heavy crude oil: API gravity from 22.3 °API to 10 °API (920 to 1000 kg/m³)
  • Extra-heavy crude oil: API gravity below 10 °API (higher than 1000 kg/m³)

The API degrees indicate whether a crude oil floats on water or sinks. Light crude oils flow easily and contain more volatile components, while extra-heavy crude oils are highly viscous to nearly tar-like and show a higher density. Intermediate oils are between these extremes.

According to the sulfur content, it can be distinguished between:

  • Sweet crude: sulfur content up to 1 % *
  • Sour crude: sulfur content higher than 1 %

*Different sources state a different maximum percentage of sulfur content for sweet crudes (between 0.42 % up to 1 %).

The tables below show examples for different crude oils and their typical values for kinematic viscosity and °API.

Viscosity Table – Measurement data

Crude oils - viscosity and °API

Typical values obtained from producer's data sheets.

Crude Oil Kin. Viscosity [mm²/s] at Temp. API Gravity °API
Arabian Light 10.7 at 20 °C 34.2
Brent 2.86 at 50 °C 37.9 ... 38.2
Bonny Light 2.90 at 50 °C 35.4 ... 35.8
Boscan 11233 at 100 °F 10.1
Escalante 307 at 38 °C 39.6
Kutubu 2.1 at 20 °C 44
Tia Juana Light 8.8 at 100 °F 31.9
Tia Juana Heavy 88.6 at 100 °F 12.3
West Texas Intermediate 4.9 at 20 °C 39


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Reference U.S. Energy Information Administration, Genesis Group, USA, Chevron Crude Oil Marketing, Exxon Mobil, AMSA-Australian Maritime Safety Authority
Kin. vis. yes
Dyn. vis. no
Density yes
Multiple temperatures yes
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